About NBU

Facts about NBU

Union of Norwegian Basketball Referees

The Union of Norwegian Basketball referees (NBU) is a coalition of Norwegian basketball referees, founded in 1975. From the start NBU has played an important part in looking after and maintaining the educational and economic interests of the referees. This is mainly done through wide contact with the Norwegian Basketball Federation (NBBF) and it's Officiating Committee.

Who can join?

Anybody who is authorized as a referee by the Norwegian Basketball Federation is eligible to join the NBU. The Board can also accept as members anyone with a similar authorization from other national federations.

Historically most of NBU's members have been referees assigned to games in Norway's national divisions (Elite referees). Currently NBU have a total of 46 members, which is the highest number of members ever in the union's history. The annual membership fee is NOK 1000,-.

The Annual Meeting is held every autumn, and our Annual Reports are available through our download page.

Honorary members

The founder of NBU, former leader of the Referee Committee and honorary FIBA-referee, Stein Evju, was nominated as the first honorary member of NBU on the Annual Meeting on august 28th 1992. In the autumn of 1999, Robert Persson was also appointed honorary member. In 2000, the veteran Knut Myhre got the same appointment.

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